Member benefits

Thank you for your interest in North Berwick Business Association.

The Association is focused on collaborative working to maximise the benefits to its members. The main focus of the group is to encourage as many visitors as possible to the town and to encourage repeat customers.

You are welcome to get as involved as you like! We are always looking for proactive people to join the Committee and we encourage creative ideas and positive contributions.

The core focus of our work is maintaining and developing our online presence, via the website and social media, and, where budget allows, we work on additional marketing activity such as leaflets, promotions and advertising.

The website is first in google rankings and each member has their own webpage, with copy, images, contact details and click-through.

We hold regular meetings to share ideas, views, experiences and opportunities, which you are welcome to attend when you can.

To join the Association all you need to do is fill in the application form and pay your £75 membership fee. This can be done via bank transfer or cheque to ‘North Berwick Business Association’. Once the payment has been processed you will be added to to this website and you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our members.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further queries.

Application Form

To become a member simply fill in this application form, then scan and email to Or you can drop off a copy either to the Scottish Seabird Centre or whynot? on the High Street. To request an emailable copy, just get in touch.

Click HERE for the application form.

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