92 High Street
North Berwick
EH39 4HE

T: 01620 894985
W: www.buttercupcafenorthberwick.co.uk

Buttercup Café

Arrive at Buttercup Café and always enjoy a great time out!

Located in the High Street, Buttercup Café is a firm favourite with locals and visitors who, having been swept up by the aroma of baking, find themselves irresistibly drawn to indulge in freshly cooked breakfasts and hot filed rolls.

Owners, Karen and Andreas take great pride in creating an atmosphere that;s always warm and welcoming and they are passionate about ensuring that every guest enjoys top quality, traditional, home-cooked food.

The cosy, welcoming atmosphere reflects the personal touches this couple has added to the Café during the past eight years, not least of which is Andreas’ own Scottish landscape photographs, proudly displayed inside.

Favourite dishes include home-made soups and specials, such as beef stovies or mince and tatties, and there’s an extensive selection of hot meals.

Any customer who yearns for something sweet, has a broad variety to choose from.  Tasty pieces like scones, flapjacks, ginger biscuits, shortbread, Victoria sponge and more are all baked on the premises.

Karen and Andreas invariably host their famous “Greek nights”.   It is best to book in advance, as it’s often sold out!